Choosing the right footware

After joining Southport Runners and Walkers in 2011 and gaining knowledge from experienced runners I soon learned that there are many types of shoe and that its always a good idea to go and get your feet and style assessed, I used the “Athletes Foot” store at Helensvale and on their recommendation bought Addidas Glide 4 shoes in neutral, again these were a great shoe for me but very expensive and I decided that now that I knew the type and size including width of shoe I needed I would shop around on the Internet for my next pair of shoes. I have done this for the last three pairs of shoes and have always had great shoes good fitting and comfort at a realistic price. Where from? I hear you ask, is the answer I have always received the purchase within 10 days of the order, have had no problems or returns, got the latest shoes and paid around 2/3 of the price in the stores, Wiggle also now has an Australian version of the site and all prices are shown in Dollars. My advice to any new runners is get your feet measured and your style and shoe type done in a store and buy your first shoes that way, but once you have been running for a while and know what type of shoe is right for you, then shop around for your next pair on-line where you can make great savings without compromising your comfort.

Time Trial Events

The club runs regular time trial events and keeps a record of your times. Use them to see how your training is going, or just to monitor your fitness. Read more